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There's one very good reason to have a hands free car kit professionally installed - safety. It is against the law in the UK to use a mobile phone while you are driving if you are actually holding the phone at any point. A professionally fitted hands free car kit eliminates the need to fiddle about with your phone control while driving, leaving you hands free, literally, to control your car safely and watch the road ahead.

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Already know which handsfree car kit you want? Here are the short cuts!

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Mobile Phone Hands Free Car Kit Installation - We Come To You!

Mobile Car Solutions supply and fit an excellent range of mobile phone hands free car kits from top manufacturers including Parrot and Bury Technologies. Best of all, we can fit them at your home or office premises, so you don't have to take time off to deliver your car to us, and then collect it again.

We offer hands free car kits installation in Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, and West Sussex, and if you're local, even better. We can offer great value hands free car kit fitting in Horndean, Waterlooville, Blendworth, Rowlands Castle, Portsmouth, Farlington, Fareham, Chichester, Gosport, Wickham, etc.

Generally, your new handsfree car kit will be fitted within 2 hours (depending on the make and model of your car.) All hands free car kits installations are carried out by Paul Carpenter, our fully qualified Nokia & Parrot accredited engineer with 15 years experience. Paul will ensure any make of hands free car kit is fitted to the highest specification, using correct brackets and leads to complement your vehicle, and also ensuring that wires are concealed.

Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit Or Standard?
Ring us at Mobile Car Solutions for free, independent advice on the best models of mobile phone car handsfree kits. We can supply Bluetooth sunvisor kits, through to fully integrating your chosen hands free kit into your car speaker system, with automatic radio muting when taking calls.


Parrot hands free car kits Parrot Hands Free Car Kits
Parrot CK3000
Still one of the best bluetooth hands free car kits you can buy. Perfect for business users, as you can connect up to 3 phones.

  • Compact, convenient and affordable
  • Voice recognition
  • Outstanding sound quality - uses your vehicle’s stereo speakers
  • Place calls while driving, with your mobile tucked safely away
Parrot CK3000 Evolution
Parrot CK3100
The first Bluetooth hands free car kit to use LCD technology, for crisp, clear calls and easy to read display screen.

  • External microphone captures your voice while filtering out the surrounding noise
  • Car radio automatically cuts out when calls come in
  • Scroll through menus and control the volume with the big browser button
  • Voice recognition system enabled
  • Connect up to 5 phones
Parrot CK3100
Parrot Mki9100
Easy to use hands free mobile phone car kit, compatible with all music sources, mobile phone brands and vehicle makes. The Mki9100 connects to your car audio system and delivers high-quality conversations whatever the conditions.
  • Crystal-clear display screen for displaying Caller ID, browsing phonebook, or selecting tracks
  • Connect up to 10 phones and up to 2000 contacts per phone
  • Connects with iPod, iPhone, iTouch, USB keys, USB MP3 players, etc.
Parrot MKi9100
Parrot Mki9200
A complete mobile phone hands free car kit system dedicated to in-car calls and music. The high-resolution 2.4 inch screen displays your playlist along with the name of the artist, the title and even album cover art in colour! Your favourite music is delivered through all the car's speakers, with exceptional sound quality and breathtaking Virtual SuperBass and Sound Spatializer effects.

  • Compatible with most mobile phone brands and vehicle makes
  • Compatible with all music sources including iPod, iPhone, mp3 players & USB devices
  • Latest Parrot technology Double Integrated Microphone helps eliminate background noise from inside the car
  • Additional UNIKA lead will integrate your multifunctional steering wheel controls.
  • SD card slot
Parrot Mki9200
Bury THB hands free car kits; UNI System 8 & Comfort Compact CC9060 Bury Hands Free Car Kits

Bury THB UNI System 8 with UNI CarTalk
With the Bury THB mobile phone hands free car kits, you can transform your vehicle into a mobile office! The Bury System 8 cradle hands free car kits are perfect if you regularly change your phone handset. Simply slot your phone into the holder before moving off, and the Bury THB hardware takes care of the rest, even recharging your phone during your journey. And when you change your handset, simply replace the cradle with a simple click-in replacement.

  • Flexible system - all specific Take&Talk cradles can be easily docked to the fixed base set of the CarTalk
  • Great for fleet car usage when employees share cars or vans
Bury THB UNI System 8 with UNI CarTalk
BURY Comfort Compact CC9060 bluetooth hands free car kit
A discreet yet powerful Bluetooth car kit with DialogPlus voice control and touchscreen. Just speak commands or names; the DialogPlus voice control has fast and accurate word recognition with no voice training required.

  • Text-to-speech technology – reads text messages out loud
  • MP3 playback from mobile phone over car’s hi-fi system with the 9060 music addition carkit
  • Touchscreen operation
BURY Comfort Compact CC9060 bluetooth hands free car kit
Brodit mobile phone cradles
We supply and fit any Brodit active mobile phone holder, and will install the ProClip mounting platform in the optimum viewing position for you. If you're struggling to find an active cradle for your iPhone 5 and 6S, the Brodit Active Holder Tilt Swivel for the Apple iPhone 5 and 6S is a perfect solution, providing both protection and easy access to your phone. Brodit Active Holders are also perfect for other smart phones including the Blackberry range, Samsung and many more.

Brodit mobile phone cradles
Fiscon hands free car kits for Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Audi, Mercedes and BMW
The FISCON Bluetooth hands free car kit is the perfect solution for your car, since they are quite literally made for each other! You can control the hands free kit from a multifunction steering wheel or even from the turn signal level, while information is displayed in the existing MFA/FIS screen.
Fiscon VW Hands Free Car Kits

  • No new interface required - every function is operable with the existing buttons in the vehicle.
  • Voice output through your vehicle speakers for exceptional sound quality, no additional speakers required.
  • Optional microphone available in the dome light of many cars, for completely invisible installation.
  • Up to 5 mobile phones can be paired
  • Digital sound processor with echo and noise depression.
  • Adjustable microphone amplification (to 30db) to optimize voice quality.

For quality hands free car kits installation in Hampshire, Surrey, and Sussex, call us today on 02392 299516, or email us.


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