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Got a question about hands free car kits, sat nav installation, parking sensors, vehicle tracking or fleet management? Try our Mobile Car Solutions FAQs, or contact us!

Parrot MKi9200 Hands Free Kit

Who are Mobile Car Solutions?

Paul Carpenter started Mobile Car Solutions in March 2008, installing hands free mobile phone kits, tracking devices, reversing sensors' reversing cameras and forward facing witness cameras and other in-car equipment. We founded Mobile Car Solutions because we wanted to better utilise Paul’s technical expertise and skills. Give us a call to discover more, or contact us via the enquiries page.

Do you come to any home, or do I need a garage?
No, we come to any premises, and you don't need a garage. We bring our own tools and kit with us, so we can fit your hands free car kit (or sat nav, or whatever) efficiently and easily.

Are Mobile Car Solutions accredited by manufacturers?
Yes, we are a certified Parrot hands free car kit installer, and our engineer Paul is a Nokia accredited car kit installation engineer.

Do you install car multimedia systems?
Yes, we are happy to supply and fit in-car entertainment system, including car stereos, cd receivers, headset DVD / satellite tv screens, plus amplifiers and speakers if required. With a professional fitted car multimedia system, you need never hear those immortal words "Are we there yet?" again!

What area does your sat nav fitting service cover?
All our fitting and maintenance services for hands free car kits, sat nav a, and all our installations services are available throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Guildford, West Sussex and East Sussex. Even if you live outside these counties, give us a call on 023 92 299516 and we'll quote you a price for installation at your home - the slight difference in our travel costs will probably be offset by your savings on taxi or bus costs to and from your local dealer!

Do you have any customer testimonials?
Lots! You'll find our customer reviews for our services on our "Happy customers" page. We've called it that because we really do have lots and lots of happy customers, from the grandmother who wanted parking sensors fitted to completely kitting out a brand new Range Rover with the latest multimedia gear - for considerably less than the dealer quoted!

I want to upgrade my mobile phone - can you help?
We can examine your current mobile phone contract and check if there is a better deal available for you, either from your existing supplier or with another. We have saved some customers hundreds of pounds, and got them better handsets in the bargain too!

I change my mobile phone every year, but I don't want to replace my hands free kit  - what's the solution?
The Bury mobile phone cradle system offers interchangeable cradles for a wide variety of mobile phones. So, if you change your handset, just get the appropriate cradle and snap it into the hardwired dock - easy! Alternatively, look at our Bluetooth systems, which allow you to leave your mobile in your bag and just talk!

Where are you based?

Mobile Car Solutions are based in Portsmouth in Hampshire.

Why should I hardwire my TomTom sat nav?
There are 2 types of hardwiriing solutions you can have :

1) Hardwire the existing cable so no unsightly leads trailing over your dashboard & still use the sucker pad on the window
2) You could have a Brodit charging cradle with new power lead which will fit onto a no holes bracket, leaving the original power lead & sucker pad to be used in another vehicle when required.

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